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    Warmly celebrate the revision website of Zhongshan Anbelcorp is online!


       Zhongshan Anbel Plastic Manufacturing Ltd has many years of rich experience in designing and manufacturing, which is taking eco-friendly PVC, TPU, EVA, Net clamping cloth, Nylon as raw material and specialized in manufacturing inflatable water products, inflatable toys, inflatable indoor/outdoor products, inflatable model, packing bag etc. We are integrated with R&D, manufacturing and sales. With the vigorous development of business, the scale of the enterprise continues to grow, Now we own a more than 200 staffs comprising professional R&D and production team. The workshop area is more than 4000 square meters.

    All materials that we take comply with EN-71, ASTM, RoHs, ATBC and Non-Phthalate (no P) environmental standards. All production processes are strictly monitored to ensure that all products meet customer requirements.

    Over years of efforts, we do not only have independent intellectual property rights and brands at home and abroad, but also can carry out OEM, ODM development and production according to customers' manuscripts and samples.

    "Quality, Service, Low Cost and Efficient" is our purpose. We look forward to working with you as a business partner and creating a win-win situation with full enthusiasm and first-class service.

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    電話:86 760-2363 3273 / 2363 3051 




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